PhlipVids is a video and content production house based in Cairns. We shoot and produce all forms of video content with a focus on online and social media video to engage your customers, staff, tell your stories and increase your website rankings and sales. We have over 15 years in sales, marketing and online experience to assist in making sure you get the most from your videos both online and offline. Our videos have had millions of views across more than 100 videos for over 60 clients. 90% of these have been the highest engagement content for our clients.

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Our video production gear consists of high quality cameras and equipment and we film in full HD and 4K and can create fully immersive 360 degree videos and virtual reality content.  We have a full range of GoPros so we can capture all angles and adventures. We have underwater equipment and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) if you want to take to the skies or dive below the surface.

We film and produce fully immersive virtual reality 360 degree videos and photos for businesses, events, individuals and destinations in the Cairns area as well as around Australia.  The content can be viewed online, offline and in virtual reality headsets and mobile viewer headsets like Google cardboard or the range of headsets available for viewing VR content. If you would like more information about 360 degree video and VR please contact us.


Please contact us for a quote using the details below. Every video is different so we like to talk with you about your ideas before sending a quote. I look forward to hearing from you.

Phone: 0418159828