Spaceships Campervan Hire Australia

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Spaceships are custom designed, award-winning, vehicles. They drive like a good car and sleep like a campervan. Our campervans are available for hire from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns. A Spaceships camper is versatile, compact, fun, fuel-efficient and backed up by the friendly team of Spaceships campervan hire Australia.

Heaps included; no surprises

Life is easy with Spaceships campervan hire Australia. Our campervans come with loads included: unlimited kilometres, no one-way fee, free after-hours pick-up & drop-off service, 24-hour roadside service and more. See all advantages of a Spaceship.

When you hire a campervan, you are not alone whilst exploring Australia’s outer space. You will see other Spaceships and can pull over and swap stories. We also have Space Mates, local mates around the country who provide a deal and a friendly face.

Compare. Select. Book.

No need to shop around for the best campervan deal. Only Spaceships knows all ins and outs of Spaceships campervans. We’ve uploaded all that info into our Super Booking Engine. It’s like a mash-up of HAL 9000, C-3PO and Project 2501, 3 supercomputers rolled into one awesome booking engine. It contains all rates, all discount and all campervan info. Simply select your travel dates and our booking system will show you the lowest rate. Discounts are applied automatically. Just one of the reasons why booking online is the best choice.

Cheap campervan hire in Australia

Wherever you want to go in Australia or wherever you want to start your road trip, it all begins at Spaceships. Compare our range of campervans, find the best one for you and lock in a great deal. You can even customise your campervan with our optional accessories.

Spaceships is your one-stop shop for campervan hire in Australia. Our friendly team at all our locations will get you on your way soon.