What is a TripVideo?

A TripVideo is a one minute video filmed and produced by one of our professional videographers that is designed with online shareability and engagement as a priority. We will join you or your clients, corporate groups, agent famils or influencers to create an epic one minute video capturing the best moments of the trip.

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A Trip Video is just as it sounds; a video of your trip. Whether it’s a group away on holiday together, a corporate group, family, couple (maybe on a honeymoon) or even just a group of friends getting together for an adventure, we can capture it.

Having your own personal videographer and photographer allows you to just enjoy your trip and have it all captured and edited for you instead of trying to catch everything and still enjoy what you are doing. Of course you can use your own camera/s too but we’ll capture and produce a professional video for you.

Where we are different is that the videographer we send with you is not only a great person but they generally know the area and of course they can use a camera. They won’t be intrusive at all but will be there when those ‘moments’ happen that you want captured.

Some examples of TipVideos
• Family Trips
• Honeymoon adventures
• Corporate groups and teams
• Adventure between friends

Check out our videographers and if you would like to book one of us for your trip please contact us!

Our team of Videographers


Our team of creative videographers have camera skills as good as their personalities. They’ll not only shoot great video for you but will be good to have around and will be knowledgeable about the destination.

Why choose us?


There is no better advertising than a friend or family members personal recommendation. TripVideos feature your customers, groups, VIP’s, agents and influencers as the stars of the show. This means they will be so excited to jump online and share their experience with their friends and family.