Barefoot Tours

Typical, rushed, overpriced tour, blah blah blah blah blah… Nah… Bugger That!

Here at Barefoot Tours we know you don’t want to spend the day rushing between locations, with no time to really appreciate the beauty of nature around you – which is why our tours are all about relaxing and having you a beaut day out!!


We are a relaxed outdoor adventure tour, about all nature, fun, beautiful swimming locations and we are always up for a good laugh! We have a cheeky, slightly non-PC style of humour and enjoy some good banter… We carry decent coffee, Cadbury hot choc, local tea, tropical morning tea, good ol’ aussie Tim tams and a hearty homestyle lunch! If you’re lucky enough you may be able to spot some of Australia’s endemic wildlife in the Rainforest like the famous Cassowaries.

Our tours take a maximum of 20 people, allowing guests the best opportunity to make new friends and explore Australia in a safe environment.


Having a flexible itinerary means you don’t have to spend the day rushing from one place to the next, sometimes we change it up, add stops or do the whole tour backwards just for shits and giggles.

We’ll show you all the best things to do in the tropical oasis of the Atherton Tablelands, from taking a dip at some of Cairns most epic waterfalls (like Millaa Millaa falls, Ellinjaa falls, Dinner falls, Zillie falls, Nandroya falls) to sliding down the natural rock slide at Josephine, to exploring the mystic curtain of roots set by a half a century old Curtain Fig tree, and swimming in the volcanic crater lake known as Lake Eacham.


Leave Cairns on an adventure with Barefoot Tours, through World Heritage listed Rainforest, home to stunning waterholes such as Josephine falls, Babinda Boulders and on towards what we call paradise, otherwise known as Mission Beach & Dunk Island the most beautiful locations in the Cassowary Coast!

We snorkel from Dunk Island, Explore the Mission Beach township shops, slide down a natural rockslide of Josephine and learn about the cultural history at Babinda Boulders. This day tour you have both fresh & sea water swims, free time to explore the small town of Mission Beach & the option to hike, snorkel or relax on dunk island.


Embark on a Journey to the oldest low-lying rainforest in the world, estimated to be between 110 to 180 Million years old (6-10 times older than the Amazon Rainforest!)

This is a truly authentic experience of Cairns Culture, small personalized groups, a touch of education, a dash of passion and a day to remember for a lifetime… We absolutely love an indigenous touch to this tour, something a little unique in a tour group experience.

With a glimpse into the indigenous culture, a daring croc spotting boat cruise, beautiful lookouts, guided bush walk, a refreshing dip at Mossman Gorge and walks down the stunning beaches… We are not sure if you are going to want to leave our beautiful region afterwards!

So, if you are ready to have your shoes blown away by Barefoot Tours then join up for a fun day tour from Cairns… Come and discover Australia’s unique landscapes with Barefoot Tours!!